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Celebrating Advent with Children

The first Sunday of Advent is December 2. This season is an opportunity to joyfully anticipate the birth of Jesus. We celebrate it at church every Sunday during Advent, but this time of expectant waiting should be celebrated at home with our kids as well. 

A quick Google search will produce an overwhelming list of creative ideas, but as you decide the best fit for your family, choose something simple. Give yourself grace if the plan isn’t executed perfectly. Focus on small, meaningful moments that in themselves may not be Pinterest worthy or life changing, but that over time and years can create a home culture focused on Jesus.  

Build a tradition of celebration by slowing for a moment each day (or however often works for you) to remember that we are a different people than the hustle-and-bustle culture around us. Let this be a season of quiet faithfulness and reflection. Take simple moments to stop and remember. As you think through your family observance of Advent, consider these ways to celebrate: 


Make an Advent playlist to listen to at breakfast, in the car, or in the evenings (a St. Peter’s Advent playlist will be available on Spotify soon). Or simply choose a verse of a song to sing with your child before bed.  


Do an Advent craft as a family. Or color pictures together that help you anticipate Christmas. In a few weeks, St. Peter’s Children’s Ministry will provide each child with a Jesse Tree coloring book with daily scripture reading that you may use as a family if you choose.  


Make a prayer garland with one link for each day of Advent - pray for the request on each link as you remove them to count down the days until Christmas.


Employ purple, the color for Advent, in your home - napkins, paper plates, a table runner or placemats, etc. - these are small ways to prepare your home for the season.  


Place an Advent wreath in your home and light the appropriate number of candles for the week during a family time weekly or daily.

However you choose to celebrate, may these weeks fill your home with joy and peace as we anticipate Christmas.  

 Rebekah DeBoer

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