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A Special Maundy Thursday Reflection

Mark 14:27-52

As Jesus and his disciples leave the upper room this night, we see our beloved Savior, the Son of Man, vulnerable and suffering unfathomable and extreme agony of soul, overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death in the Garden of Gethsemane.  So intense was his desolation that he cried out to Abba Father to take the suffering from him, even as he prepared to carry the weight of the world’s sin upon his sinless body the next day. 

Look with the eyes of your heart to our Lord, falling on his knees to the ground, abandoned by his dearest friends who could not stay awake.  Listen with the ears of your heart to his cries to the Father and the groans of his heart wrenching sorrow.

No one has ever suffered like our Lord Jesus and no one ever will.  Yet, he surrendered in perfect obedience, becoming the source of eternal salvation to all who believe in Him.  Our Lord illumined the way for us to follow him during our times of suffering, and because we cannot do this in our own strength, he promises to be with us always, comforting and strengthening us in our weakness by the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit.

All praise to Jesus, wounded for our transgressions. 

All praise to Jesus, our life and resurrection.

All praise to Jesus, the source of our reconciliation and peace. 

All praise to Jesus, wellspring of all consolation.

All praise to Jesus, most worthy of all praise forever! Amen.

Pastor Karen Mahler

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