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An Easter Reflection on Testimony

“I will give thanks to you, Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonderful deeds...” 

-Psalm 9:1

Those of us who have been in some church traditions for any length of time are well acquainted with the phrase "give your testimony." For some it is an intimidating phrase indicating a formal sharing of some significant moment, but in reality it is a normal and important part of our every day lives. We write reviews of restaurants and products. We are quick to tell our friends about experiences, good and bad, at places of business. We recount stories of our lives to family and friends. The telling of our stories is important. It stitches our experience into the fabric of our being and shapes us and those around us.

It is important that we practice telling our stories, to ourselves and to each other, of how God has acted on our behalf and on behalf of those around us. Moses and the Israelites sing of God's deliverance from Egypt. In Revelation we are told of the people in white robes and God's care for them. The Psalms are full of accounts of God's forgiveness and justice and deliverance. In Luke 24, at the empty tomb, the angel reminds the women, "Remember how Jesus told you..." Then they remembered his words. We all need to be prompted sometimes to remember.

Make it a point today to tell of something God has done for you or to recall with someone how God has acted on their behalf.

Wendy McCollum