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Liturgy of the Ordinary

Our lives are filled with activity and rituals that shape us into who we are. As created beings, we are made to worship our Creator. However, sin can distort and twist our desires to worship other things-- ourselves, money, success; even those who claim to be atheist are worshipping people. Sunday morning’s liturgy helps to orient us into people who rightly worship but our actions and habits throughout the week also shape us and orient us to worship; the question is, are they forming us to worship the same God that we profess to worship on Sunday?

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Easter... Now What?

Alleluia! Christ is risen!

Now what? What do we do with the great news that the Father raised Jesus Christ from the dead when we go back to our ordinary lives? What do you do with this truth when the baby wakes you up for the third time in the middle of night? When you get into a fight with your friend? When you have to drive on 280 at 8 a.m? When you lose a job or lose a loved one?

What do we do now?

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Prayers of the People

Have you ever felt sorrow so deep, so excruciating, that words are almost impossible to say? For me, I find it hard to speak without sobbing in times of deep depression, sorrow, and grief. My throat constricts and it’s hard to breathe. Sometimes I have to focus so much on my breath or other calming techniques that it’s difficult to think about or do much else...

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