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Common Ground Marriage Retreat

Common Ground Marriage Retreat.png

Common Ground

Following God Toward Togetherness with Your Spouse

What type of ground do you and your spouse stand on?

Rocky ground? Shaky ground?  How about Common Ground?

Do you enjoy regular togetherness that makes navigating a fallen world more life-giving? 

Marital struggles can actually help turn you toward the Lord where he guides you toward rest and togetherness (Common Ground) with your spouse. Participating in the seminar will help you to recognize and step into healthy patterns of relating to God and one another, appreciate how a husband and wife uniquely bring togetherness and understand how a life-giving marriage leads to effective teamwork as parents.


  1. Is the retreat cost per each person or per couple?

    Per Couple!

  2. Can engaged couples participate?

    Yes! Although some of the content might not be directly applicable, you are welcome to participate in preparation for your marriage.

  3. Are there any discounts?

    There is an early registration discount automatically applied if you register before October 16. There is also a discount for Beeson students available, and these may be stacked together.

    If financial hardship is an issue, please e-mail Pastor Kevin at We do not want money to be the reason anyone misses out!

  4. Will there be food provided?

    Light snacks will be provided on Friday evening, along with donuts and coffee on Saturday morning.

  5. Does Dr. Gordon Bals offer marital counseling?

    Dr. Bals is local to Birmingham and founded Daymark Counseling in 1997. You can read more about Dr. Bals and his counseling practice at

Retreat Schedule

Friday, November 16 
6:30pm: Arrival
6:45pm: Getting Started: What do you believe about marriage?
7:15pm: Break
7:30pm: Session 1: Understanding the Path to Togetherness 

 Saturday, November 17 
9:00am: Arrival - Coffee & Donuts
9:15am: Session 2:  The Calling of a Husband:  Following God into Involvement with your Wife
10:00am: Break
10:15am: Session 3: Calling of a Wife: Following God into Awe – Inspired Cooperation with your Husband
11:00am: Break
11:15am: Session 4: Parenting as Life Giving Teamwork
12:00pm: End