St. Peter's Anglican Church

Timothy Wall

Timothy Wall

St. Peter’s has been the church home to 11 seminarians who have now gone on to be ordained to Holy Orders within God’s Church.  This “Timothy Wall” is a place for us to honor our past seminarians and interns for their work at St. Peter’s, their dedication to their faith, and now for their service to Christ through their ordained ministries.

Rev. David Hudspeth

Current position/church: Chaplain, Roper St. Francis Healthcare, Charleston, SC

Education: M.Div., Beeson Divinity School; MHR, University of Oklahoma

Years at St. Peter’s: 2006-2010

Experience:  During my first year of seminary, the Rev. Dr. Lyle Dorsett introduced me to Anglicanism and the people of St. Peter’s.  Although we were Southern Baptists, Elizabeth and I quickly realized that this was the church we were to call home for the next few years.  Little did we know at the time that God would draw me into ministry as an Anglican pastor through St. Peter’s.  Both of our sons, Aaron and Jonah, were baptized there, and it was the priests and deacons of St. Peter’s who trained me.  From opportunities to teach and preach to permanent friendships, the people of St. Peter’s were and always will be close to our hearts

Interests:  Spending time with my family, travel to new places, and reading both theology and fiction

Rev. Nathan White

Current position: Chaplain (Major) in the US Army Reserve, Commander of the 89th Chaplain Detachment, Daenner Kaserne, Germany

Current church: St. Nicholas, Durham, England

Education: M.Div., Beeson Divinity School; Ph.D., Durham University

Years at St. Peter’s: 2005-2007

Experience at St. Peter’s: I served in building maintenance and as a pastoral intern, and even was ordained a deacon there. I learned immensely from my experience–both in terms of the mundane (cleaning carpets) and the profound (prayer ministry and counseling). I developed lifelong friendships and was launched into ministry by the kind encouragement of the community. I am now continuing that call as I serve as a US Army Reserve Chaplain

Interests: I enjoy spending time with my family, reading, and visiting historic and beautiful places

Rev. David Matlak

Current position/church: Assistant to the Rector for Family Ministries, St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church, Richmond, VA

Education:  M.Div., Nashotah House Theological Seminary (3 yrs. at Beeson)

Years at St. Peter’s: 2009-2012

Experience at St. Peter’s: Our family worshiped at St. Peter’s for three years while I was a student at Beeson.  I regularly participated with the worship teams and was thankful to have an internship at St. Peters working with the Children’s ministry and other areas.  Our whole family has many fond memories of our time within the loving St. Peter’s community

Interests: My family, being outside, playing music, international missions

Rev. Daniel Holloway

Current position/church: Rector, Holy Cross Anglican Church, Tallahassee, FL

Education: Beeson Divinity School

Years at St. Peter’s: 2010-2012

Experience at St. Peter’s:  Having “left everything” to move to Birmingham and attend Beeson, most notably all of our family and friends in Tallahassee, the St. Peter’s community became our family’s family away from home during our time in Birmingham.  St. Peter’s was an oasis for us during a very hard season of life, and source of healing, vision and encouragement for the calling to ministry which God has given us, as significant and formational as the wonderful seminary education I received at Beeson.  We were blessed with friendships with incredibly faith-filled people and an experience of church which have left a permanent mark on our lives, and we remain incredibly grateful to God for the blessing of St. Peter’s

Interests:  Spending time with family and friends, playing and coaching sports, fishing, reading and praying

Rev. Andrew Fulton

Current position/church: Priest, Fayetteville Anglican Fellowship, Fayetteville, AR

Education: M.Div., Beeson Divinity School

Years at St. Peter’s: 2008-2013

Experience at St. Peter’s: From Chair Dude to Pastoral Assistant + 2 Beeson internships and ordination to the Priesthood.  I love the people of St. Peter’s and have lots of great memories. I learned a lot about the inner workings of a church from maintaining the facilities to the challenges of ministerial transition.

Interests: My family. The healing and wholeness that come through the faithful preaching of the Gospel and administration of the Sacraments. Reading science fiction novels. Making things with my hands.

Rev. Dcn. Alyse Fulton

Current position/church: Deacon, Fayetteville Anglican Fellowship, Fayetteville, AR

Education: M.Div., Beeson Divinity School

Years at St. Peter’s: 2008-2013

Rev. Peter Smith

Current position/church: Rector, Living Faith Anglican Church, Tempe, AZ

Education:  M.Div., Beeson Divinity School

Years at St. Peter’s: 2010-2017

Experience at St. Peter’s: My wife and I attended St. Peter’s for several years before I became the youth intern in 2012.  I served as the youth intern for 1 1/2 years until I graduated from Beeson in Dec. 2013.  In Jan. 2014, St. Peter’s called me to be the Assistant Pastor, which is the role I served in until August 2017.  St. Peter’s is the church which gave birth to me as an Anglican pastor.  It saw me through my theological/ministerial training, both my ordinations to the diaconate and presbyterate, and ultimately my first pastoral position.  It was a wonderful home and I miss it dearly.

Interests: my family, soccer, disc golf, coffee, home improvement and gardening, scooters

Rev. Dcn. Kyle DeBoer

Current position/church: Deacon, St. Peter’s Anglican Church, Birmingham, AL

Education:  M.Div., Beeson Divinity School

Years at St. Peter’s: 2011-present

Experience at St. Peter’s: My wife and I have attended St. Peter’s since the Fall of 2011. I was an intern for one year (2013-14), working mostly with the youth. Most recently, I have started to coordinate the welcome ministry at St. Peter’s

Interests: playing outside, teaching math, strategy games, baseball

Rev. Myles Hixson

Current position/church: Associate Pastor, St. John’s Lutheran Church, Roanoke, VA

Education:  M.Div., Beeson Divinity School

Years at St. Peter’s: 2015-2016

Experience at St. Peter’s: Since my first arrival at St. Peter’s, I served as a ministry support intern doing things like preparing for worship services, leading worship at Columbia Cottage, serving in liturgical roles, organizing art events, and assisting in pastoral care

Interests: coffee, liturgical/sacramental theology, pastoral care

Rev. Dcn. Joshua Steele

Current position/church: Ph.D. candidate, Wheaton College

Education: M.Div., Beeson Divinity School

Years at St. Peter’s: 2013-2016

Experience at St. Peter’s: My wife and I arrived to both Alabama and St. Peter’s in Fall 2013. We both began to volunteer with the worship and youth ministries, and I began serving as Youth Minister in January 2014. St. Peter’s has been a blessed church family and home to both of us. It has also been a training ground for me, in which God has increased my love for His Church. I am encouraged and challenged by my students, the young theologians of St. Peter’s!

Interests: books, coffee, “life-hacks,” cold weather, soccer


Rev. John Bacon

Current position/church: Church Planting Curate, Apostles by the Sea, Panama City Beach, FL

Education: M.Div., Beeson Divinity School

Years at St. Peter’s: 2014- 2017

Experience at St. Peter’s: preaching, teaching, liturgical training of volunteers, preparation of liturgical materials, coordination of volunteers, coordination of adult discipleship and education

Interests: spending time with my wife and two sons, running, lifting, hiking, reading patristic and medieval theology, reading C.S. Lewis and writing