St. Peter's Anglican Church

What Should I Expect? Original

What should I expect? 


What are worship services like?

Our worship is framed by the ancient liturgical tradition of the Church, with a strong emphasis on faith in Christ, the authority of Scripture, and the continuing activity of the Holy Spirit.  This is what we call "three streams" worship: sacrament, Word, and Spirit.  Every Sunday we pray ancient and modern prayers, sing both classic and modern hymns and worship songs, read the Scriptures, hear biblical preaching, and celebrate Holy Communion.  Our service is both traditional and contemporary, highlighting the contributions of both to deeply rooted and relevant worship of God.

What happens when I visit?


We have visitor welcome tables at each of the 3 main entrance doors to the building where you will be greeted by a member of our welcome team.  You'll receive a gift, a map of the facility, and information cards that are relevant for you.  During "the Peace" (the part of the worship service where we greet one another) a member of the pastoral staff will introduce themselves to you. When you fill out a visitors card, one of our pastors will connect with you the following week if you want them to.

What should I wear?

People should feel comfortable wearing whatever clothes they want to wear.  Clothes aren't really what we're about.  After all, it isn't our appearance that matters in worship to God, but the condition of our hearts.

What is Anglicanism?

The Anglican Church began as the state church of England. During the 16th century the church took on the theology of the Protestant Reformation, reclaiming the ancient truths of the Bible and salvation by grace through faith, while retaining many of the true and right forms and rituals of the Catholic Church.  In this way, the Anglican Church is the “middle way” between Protestantism and Catholicism, embracing the Bible as the authoritative basis of our faith, the Nicene and Apostles’ Creeds as basic statements of essential Christian belief, the 39 Articles and The Book of Common Prayer as historic and faithful representations of Anglican doctrine and practice, a recognition of the sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion, and the belief that Christian Church has historically been organized with a polity system that includes bishops as overseers.  See our Identity page for more details.

What do you offer for children?

We believe children are equally-valued members of the Church in need of compassionate care, biblical teaching, and godly play.  SPCM (St. Peter's Children's Ministry) offers nursery and age-appropriate discipleship for children from birth to 5th grade where kids will learn about Jesus and the Bible on their level.  Children of all ages are also welcome to remain in the worship service if their parents desire.  See the Children's Ministry page for more details.

What do you offer for youth?

We believe that youth are equally-valued members of the Church in need of community, spiritual growth, discipleship, and godly recreation.  Youth are invited to participate in all aspects of church life.  SPYM (St. Peter's Youth Ministry) offers group discipleship on Sunday mornings at 9 AM and youth group gatherings on Sunday nights at 5:45 PM for all students from 6th-12th grade.  Our youth are also involved in 2 retreats and 3 outreach projects each year.  See the Youth Ministry page for more details.

Where are you located?

We are located in the heart of Mountain Brook, near Hwy 280 and Mountain Brook Village.  We are within a 10 minute drive of Homewood, Vestavia Hills, Crestwood, Avondale, Irondale, Highland Park, and Southside.

Do you have midweek services?

We offer a service of Morning Prayer on Mondays at 9:15 AM and a service of Holy Communion on Wednesdays at 11:45 AM.  These services are held in the chapel (Room 200).

How can I meet others and get connected?

The primary way to get connected is through adult discipleship groups.  These meet on Sunday mornings at 9:00 AM and at various times during the week.  Check out the Adult Discipleship page.

How can I plug-in to serve?

Serving others is an essential part of what it means to follow Jesus.  Whether you are an adult or youth, we have a variety of ways to get involved.  See the Serve page for more details on specific ways to volunteer and the processes for plugging in to each.

Do you have a healing prayer ministry?


We believe in the power of the Holy Spirit through healing prayer. Our team of gifted intercessors are available for prayer every Sunday during Holy Communion.  See the Prayer & Healing page for more details.

What connection do you have with Beeson Divinity School?

Our Leadership Development program partners with seminary students at Beeson. We have interns who are currently enrolled, as well as many Beeson alumni in our congregation, including on the pastoral staff. See our Leadership Development page for more details.